Reflections on death of the pious

April 6, 2007 at 4:03 am 1 komentar

“By God, next to Whom there is no other god! For a good servant there will never come a day which is more beautiful, more serene and more pleasant than the day on which the angel of death comes to him and says: ‘Do not fear, as you are going to
the All-Merciful and you return to your native country and it is a day of festival’!” This world is a place for a temporal stop, it is a prison for the believer. This existence is only on loan. This place is a pretext and suddenly the veil is being removed and takes him away and the human being returns to the Truth and enters an eternal life.

The death of a pious person is a life without end Many of them have died and are kept alive by the people.

The blessed Abu Bakr-e Zaqqaq has said: “The one who has a longing experiences at the gate of death a greater enjoyment than someone who is alive when taking honey”. These kinds of people are so full of joy at the moment of death and they know how to enjoy it as their residence is the world of those without a place. From the final Prophet come these words: “Love of your native country belongs to the faith”. The meaning of this hadith is not hidden to those who have a heart; what is clear
does not need an explanation.

The Prophet is reported to have said:

“Death is a bridge, which unites the friend with the Friend.” *

What is more beautiful in his world to long for,
As that the friend reaches the Friend?
There it was misery; here it is peace everywhere.
There it was only words, here it is an embrace.

*This is likely not a saying of the Prophet, but is probably a saying of the important Iranian Sufi Yahya ibn Mu’adh (d. ca. 871-2), the ‘preacher of hope’.).


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Rahasia Para Awliya Kisah Rasulullah dan Seorang Badwi

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  • 1. Ahmad Syathori  |  Juni 13, 2007 pukul 3:26 am

    Subhaanallah, aku senang sekali mendapatkan blog yang selama ini aku cari. Blog seperti inilah yang aku butuhkan di antara sekian tema2 dan informasi yang ditawarkan internet.
    Blog ini saya kira cukup komplit dan enak sekali dibacanya.
    Apakah di blog ini ada pelajaran tentang bahasa Arab sebagai kunci untuk memahami al Qur’an dan Hadits sebagai sumber hukum bagi kita semua ummat Islam.
    Syukro Katsiroo

    Akh fi Llaah

    A. Syathori


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